September 6, 2012

Tobacco Free Community Initiative

The ZSFG Tobacco Free Community (TFC) Initiative was formed to promote and provide tobacco cessation services on campus and beyond with similar goals and mutual support to improve long term tobacco cessation. This allows for a more comprehensive approach to bridge, expand, and strengthen tobacco free initiatives at our hospital and into our community.  This initiative advances smoking cessation strategies for hospitalized inpatients by upgrading existing guidelines, protocols, and educational materials. Initiative is led through the following work groups and report up into the ZSFG Community Wellness Program as well as collaborates with the SFDPH Community Health Promotion and Prevention’s Tobacco Free Project Stop Smoking Program to provide community/outpatient tobacco cessation programs.

  1. Inpatient Tobacco Treatment (ITT) Services (including Behavioral Health Center)
  2. Community/Outpatient Tobacco Treatment Programs (led by the SFDPH Tobacco Free Project)
  3. Tobacco Free Policies & Communication Committee
  4. Community Wellness Programs and Services

Goals include identifying current smokers, ensuring inpatients receive nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), assessing readiness to quit, and providing education, counseling and appropriate outpatient smoking cessation program referral at discharge for those who are ready to quit.

Tobacco Cessation Classes

We offer group cessation daytime and evening classes on campus. To view upcoming classes, please visit our calendar. For additional resources, please visit the California Smoker’s Helpline website, the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s Quitting Smoking Resource.

Providers may refer a patient on e-Referral or by calling (415)206-6074.