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SFGH’s Community Wellness Program teamed up with local independent documentary filmmaker Kelly Whalen, to highlight stories of patients, community members, and staff on their journeys to wellness.  As we prepare for the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the Community Wellness Program sought to celebrate some of our amazing members of the SFGH community whose wellness experiences will inspire and motivate others.  The film illustrates ways in which people can overcome challenges and receive countless benefits through participating in wellness activities at the Community Wellness Center as well as in their respective homes and neighborhoods.

  •  A Latina grandmother is exuberant as she participates in active living classes at the wellness center and learns to prepare healthy meals at home for herself and her family.
  • An African American cancer survivor finds strength and inner peace through creating art and participating in one of the wellness center’s educational support groups
  • A successful participant in the hospital’s smoking cessation program contributes to her Tenderloin community and promotes her own wellness by working in a community garden

These are just a few of the stories featured in this inspirational 17-minute film.

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