August 30, 2012

Wellness Education for Staff

Thank you for your interest! Currently we are unable to offer these services. Please check back with us later in the year. Thank you for your patience.

The Community Wellness Program offers unit-specific wellness retreats for providers and staff throughout the hospital. Wellness retreats provide an opportunity for staff to reflect and reaffirm the unit’s mission and vision, to come together during difficult transitions, or to simply refresh and rejuvenate . A facilitator with vast experience in wellness interventions and group dynamics works with designated managers and/or staff to identify the unit’s needs and preferences. The facilitator then develops a tailored curriculum that responds to the groups’ requirements and sensibilities. We generally incorporate the 3 objectives listed below. We can also incorporate additional components related to issues such as compassion fatigue, stress reduction, or provide a debriefing about a particularly difficult event or situation.

Sample Objectives:

1.) Participants will engage in a meaningful and active exploration of how team building and leadership skills benefit all team members.

2.) Participants will have an opportunity to have some fun together, thereby strengthening group camaraderie and cohesion.

3.) Participants will receive an introduction to ZSFG’s Community Wellness Program and recognize the importance of incorporating wellness strategies into their daily lives and make a commitment to incorporate at least 2 new wellness strategies

To schedule a Wellness Retreat for your staff, please click here!

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