August 30, 2012

Cultural Awareness Series

Women's History Month Celebration


What is the Cultural Awareness Series?

SFGH’s Community Wellness Program is pleased to present a monthly series focused on enhancing cultural awareness amongst our community of staff, patients, their families, and all San Franciscans. The Community Wellness Program embraces a holistic view of health in which attention to the mind, body, and spirit are considered essential and interconnected in achieving optimal health.  In this regard, strengthening an individual’s awareness and appreciation of their own culture and cultural history as well as that of their colleagues, friends, and neighbors serves to support spiritual, mental, and emotional health.  Promoting cultural awareness also allows us to demonstrate our commitment to community building for our current and prospective community partners.   Finally, promoting cultural awareness has demonstrated to be a successful strategy in attracting diverse constituencies who value and appreciate our commitment to cultural understanding as a vital component to health and wellness.

Join us in 2013 for our monthly cultural awareness celebrations taking place the 3rd Thursday of every month from 12-1 PM!

January 24th: Arab Heritage Cultural Awareness

February 28th: Black History Month Celebration

March 28th: Women’s History Month Celebration

April 25th: SFGH Poetry Slam/ Spoken Word Event

May 23rd: API Cultural Awareness Flyer

June 27th: LGBT Cultural Awareness Flyer

July 25th: Advance Care Planning

August 22nd:
Indian/South Asian Awareness

September 26th:
Latino Culture Awareness

October (Date TBD):
Fall Fest

November 21st:
Native American Indian Awareness

No events will take place


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