Wellness Education for Staff

Thank you for your interest in our Wellness Education for staff! Currently we are unable to offer these services. Please check back with us later in the year! Thank you for your patience!

The SFGH Community Wellness Program offers staff, departments, patient education groups, and community groups, wellness presentations tailored to promote overall wellness strategies, team building, and an overview of wellness classes (i.e. zumba, chair aerobics, stretching, guided imagery, etc.), established in partnership with service/department managers and staff. These sessions are designed to be interactive, relevant, and fun!

Sample Objectives:

  1. Participants will recognize the importance of incorporating wellness strategies into their daily lives and make a commitment to incorporate at least 2 new wellness strategies (in both the workplace and home).
  2. Participants will engage in a meaningful and active exploration of ways in which developing leadership and team building skills benefit all team members.
  3. Participants will have an opportunity to have fun together, thereby strengthening group camaraderie and cohesion.
  4. Participants will learn about the various wellness programs offered through the SFGH Community Wellness Center and be able to provide input on types of activities they would like to see offered.

Curricula are unit-specific, tailored to address the interests, needs, and sensibilities of participating staff and patient groups. To schedule a wellness presentation, please complete and submit the following form:

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Particular issues/themes to focus on (i.e., stress reduction, vicarious trauma, team-building, healing moves, etc)

Please offer a few good dates/times for a brief meeting to discuss the training in greater detail.*

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