October 10, 2011

About Us

Volunteer for siteWe encourage community building and provide opportunities for participants to promote wellness through developing an understanding and appreciation of their peers. At ZSFG, we are fortunate to have opportunities to promote wellness through building on the rich cultural/ethnic diversity of our patients and staff.

ZSFG’s Community Wellness Program incorporates a capacity building perspective. Rather than viewing participants as somehow broken or defective, in need of renovation or repair, we incorporate strategies that build upon the unique strengths and abilities participants already possess. The Community Wellness Program is particularly responsive to the talents, sensibilities, and interests represented at ZSFG. We value and appreciate having fun as another vital component of wellness promotion.

While the Community Wellness Program vigorously promotes interventions aimed at modifying lifestyle issues such as diet and smoking, we also recognize the ways in which social determinants of health such as housing status, neighborhood safety, and access to affordable healthy food play a critical role in wellness promotion. With this in mind, we work to incorporate strategies such as public health education and advocacy in addressing preventable morbidity.

Finally, we value kindness and compassion as essential ingredients in quality health care and effective wellness promotion. We know that people need to be treated with warmth and consideration, kindness and recognition. A healing environment that embodies these values can convey powerful messages of success and achievement which can transform small daily changes into a life-long integration of self-care, self-compassion and community cohesion.

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