Don’t Miss FALL FEST 2012 – Celebrate our annual Fall Fest at SFGH on Friday, October 26th …fun, food, prizes, and dancing!

  Join us on Friday, October 25th from 11:00 am- 2 pm to celebrate wellness and to learn more about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its focus on prevention and wellness. We will also premiere the film, Living Wellness on October 25th at noon in the Community Wellness Center. This year’s theme, Bridge to Wellness: Connecting People,[…]

Find the right W.O.W. class for you!! FREE and fun healing movement classes for all – learn how you can join the fun by clicking here!

All classes  are FREE of charge for SFGH Staff, SFGH patients, and community members. You do not need a membership card or a patient ID card. Walk-ins are welcomed. Step 1: Pick your favorite class or classes English WOW Schedule Fall 2015 Spanish WOW Schedule Fall 2015 Chinese WOW Schedule Fall 2015 Step 2: Come[…]

San Francisco General Hospital Launches Schwartz Center Rounds October 11, 2012- Learn more about our Caring for the Caregiver monthly sessions for staff.

Beginning on Thursday, October 11th, providers and staff from the hospital and throughout the CHN will have a forum to help us maintain compassion in our work by taking care of ourselves. The Schwartz Center Rounds, now taking place at more than 250 healthcare facilities in 36 states, offers a regularly scheduled time during our[…]